Privacy Policy

The following refers to all services provided (HBW).

All personal information is of your choosing to supply. Any and all personal information added to your "Profile" is viewable by other members. Your IP address (Internet protocol), hostname and browser details are logged for administrative purposes. No supplied information such as email addresses are sold to third parties.

HBW uses a form of encryption to mask your password, for the security of your account. You should never give out your encrypted password. This information is stored on your computer and our server(s), only.

Any email you may receive claiming to be apart of HoboWars should be, at first, considered as fraudulent. Generally, HBW will not contact you, until you have contacted us.

HBW offers both chat rooms and message boards. Any personal information you may disclose via these areas can be viewed by any registered member and therefor due diligence should be taken.